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The Upper Attack customization consists of the attack ring and Beyblade RPM lifting the opponent Beylade up off the stadium surface, therefore making the opponent become unstable. The particular move is achieved by using an attack ring that has a steep enough slope to force the opposing Beyblade to "ride" up the slope so as it is air born and is no longer making contact with the stadiums surface.

To make use of the attack rings upper attack feature you need to make sure that your Beyblade has a high spin velocity (RPM) and is extremely low in height. In addition to this you need to obviously make sure your opponents Beyblade is taller than yours.

The plastic attack rings to use are the following:

  • Upper Dragoon (Kid Dragoon / Master Dragoon)
  • Triple Tiger (Driger G)
  • Triangle Wing (Dranzer GT)

The best HMS attack rings to use are:

  • Circle Upper (Death Gargoyle MS)
  • Samurai Upper (Samurai Changer MS)
  • Advance Attacker (Advance Striker)

The best "out of box" Beyblades to use are:

  • Driger V2

*Credit to Nuno at WBO for the Dranzer GT AR image*