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Japanese Name: Tsubasa Ootori

English Name: Not available

Japanese Voice: Miyu Irino

English Voice: Not available

Metal Fight Beyblade age (Japanese): 13

Metal Fight Beyblade age (English): Not available

Beyblade(s): Earth Aquila 145WD

Bio: Tsubasa is a very calm blader and is introduced in episode 24 when he shoots his Beyblade to support Ginga. Tsubasa first comes across as being a very kind and supporting blader, however, this is not the case. He later infiltrates the Dark Nebula HQ and joins Daidouji. Ginga fights Tsubasa in the Battle Bladers Tournament and wins, but Tsubasa was not unleashing his full potential. He then faces Yuu at the Dark Nebula HQ. He still doesn't unleash his full power even when Yuu does. He finishes this match in a tie. Tsubasa'a first mission as part of Dark Nebula is to prevent Kenta from from progressing in the Battle Bladers Tournament by challenging him and decreasing his Point Count. Tsubasa represents an Eagle because of his blades power and speed. His strongest skill is attack his opponent from the air much like an eagle. His speed is unmatched!