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Japanese Name: Tobio Ooike

English Name: Not available

Japanese Voice: Akira Ishida

English Voice: Not available

Metal Fight Beyblade age (Japanese): 12

Metal Fight Beyblade age (English): Not available

Beyblade(s): Storm Capricorne M145Q

Bio: Tobio is introduced in episode 25. He is shown shooting his Beyblade at Kyouya in a similar fashion to that of a Sniper in an army. He uses the Angle Compass attachment to accurately launch his Beyblade at any angle. From what can be see in the anime Storm Capricorne has a spring bottom which he uses to bounce from wall to wall in the Beystadium. He is seen sucking on a lollipop to calm his nerves and relax his body, thus helping his accuracy. He is easily enraged when his upper hand in a battle slips. This can easily be seen when he is battling Kyouya. Kyouya gains Tobio's respect after there Battle in the Battle Bladers Tournament.