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BeyUK's History

The Beginning
With many beyblade sites around it was a good time for a "newbie" to bring out a site. Anybody could create a site and it would get popular. With the likes of Off The Chain, Genocide Beyblade, Beyblade X, Beyblade Tempest, Beyblade Spirit and Blue Blazes around there was lots of competition for the top spots. So this is where my story begins; 3 years ago.

I used to own a Beyblade team called Dragon Destroyers (also known as Death Dragons and then Kassatsu Doragons). This small freewebs site is what started my whole dream off. I was quite popular but the majority of hits I received was through me and my friends refreshing the page. This site was based on my beyblade team until I realized that we needed other content to keep the visitors. So I began by adding some character shrines after looking at the more popular sites. I got this content up within a few days and I was already receiving more hits so yay for me I suppose. I soon came to realize that freewebs was to small to host all my stuff. I started to look for new free hosts but none of them were as good as freewebs. I then sure that one of my friends, Jed from BFC, had found a free layout and was hosting it somewhere. I stayed with freewebs for a while a created a separate site called KD Beyblade.

The purpose for this site was to have a separate site for beyblade information for the viewers. This helped a lot to understand how to run a site and how much dedication was needed.

I got into contact with jed after a couple of months and started asking questions about where he hosted his site and where he got his layout from. He gave me his hosts URL which was and one word summed up the layout problem, GOOGLE. So I searched google for weeks looking for a layout. I later remembered that Blue Blazes held some free layouts. So I went there and took the one I wanted to use.

With me now using my own layout and having to create everything individually, I needed a decent art program and a web site developing program. Luckily the web program and art program were sorted. I began to learn how to use MS Frontpage and Adobe Photoshop elements. To cut a long story short I became used to Adobe and Frontpage and started to progress in web design. My first ever set of own creations were the BeyUK Hiatus pages, I was so proud of myself. I progressed through about 4 versions until I finally found something I liked. With the bloody layouts not working when ever I uploaded it was becoming increasingly difficult to find layout that worked.

Then my host went bust and decided to tell all free hosted sites that they were closing down the free host section. SO all my site was lost...all my work gone, I had no back ups so I had to start from scratch. Building the site back up to its former glory was slow and hard. I didn't know where to begin. I still had my team site up and running so I nicked the layout that I had for that. I converted it to BeyUK graphics and then had to find a new host. I searched google for months trying to look for a host that suited my needs. I finally found one called ATspace. I would recommend any new web developer that is starting and of whom isn't worried about using php and ftp. Well I uploaded this new layout and BeyUK began to gain more popularity.

I grew bored of using other peoples created web pages so I looked for software to create my own. I heard that a lot of people used Macromedia Dreamweaver. I downloaded a trial period version and began to work. As with all trial products their period comes to and end. I ask around for software at my school. Luckily my schools network administrator had a copy of the full Macromedia Studio 6 package.

I installed this fabulous software at the beginning of our summer holidays and was working hard on my first ever original layout on dreamweaver. It took me 5 weeks to do this but it was all worth it. But I got stumped on the most basic of problems of which I won't go into.

With new beginnings...comes a new growth
With me creating BeyUK's new layout only good things lay before us in the future. We had been through tough periods with BeyUK and a staff clean up was needed. I reduced the staff down to me and Angel Of Darkness as one of the staff owned his own site and the others were not producing anything.

BeyUK was on the rise once the new layout was up, our hits were increasing but not as much as I was expecting. I and the team knew that hard work was needed, so i started advertising for new staff. We had no replies for months and quickly got bored the the current layout. I created yet another template due to boredom. This layout was a light blue and named Memories. I still have the layout but I deleted all the images that are on it so I am unable to show a screen dump.

The same reason applies for version 3 and 4 but I'm not quite sure where version 3 went to as it isn't on my pc. Well anyway hard times passed with me going through a period where I felt like giving up on the website due to lack of hits.

BeyUK wasn't getting any better or any worse but I was still looking for staff.

And the water keeps running...
I soon got bored of version 3 and started to create more professional looking templates. With the release of version 4: Vengeance things were finally getting better. With my graphics design improving and hits increasing I finally had a smile on my face.

We later received an application from staff member number 3, YES...Breedo. We had a rough period where I literally told that he can't join BeyUK, even though I needed staff. This was all over him telling me my past AMVs sucked, of which they did. He opened my eyes to what was once clouded from my view. I later apologized for biting his head off and everything returned to normal. Breedo was accepted and started producing some sweet music videos. Within the first few months Breedo produced three class music videos. The famous Deceived video even got a thumbs up from GenocideBB- Shadow, he said and I quote "That video was awesome". This was a great standing point for BeyUK and its popularity.

Then after months of waiting Carl at theINtoy sent me an email telling me that beyuk is now hosted and registered under [DOT]net. My dream had come true, well almost anyway. BeyUK now at its new domain with things looking up we were ready for some serious work. I was soon creating top notch videos, well not quite but I was getting there.

BeyUK's star attraction is its Media section...why you ask...well it's because we have some of the best music videos on the net and we also have fan art, wallpapers etc. But our Music Videos are our most valuable and prized possession.

We are also finally started to build up our beyblade A-Z thanks to me and Mask Dragoon, cheers dude.

Only good things can come from this...My dream is alive in version five
Yes the time has come for a new layout and I am working on this now, with some new staff working away in the background and theINtoy supporting us here at BeyUK, I have to thank them. I am expecting great things from here on in and with the staff I have here anything is possible. Beyblade is still alive and as long as that is present BeyUK will continue to produce quality content for people to read.

A new era of Beyblade arrives with the release of version 6
Yes, another layout has been made which is better than the last. I have gone back to the standard layout design with one big banner at the top. But this time I have placed the navigation in with the banner so it looks cleaner and with everything rounded the layout is given a smooth effect. This should be a more successful layout and now with 100 members on the forum, BeyUK are moving in a new direction.

I have great visions for this layout as the man Shadow has informed me that this layout looks more professional for a website, I have reached my goal as a designer finally.

With this layout, BeyUK reached many new peaks and although I said it would be the last layout it isn't. I didn't intend on creating a new layout for BeyUK but stuff happens and there were many influences that made me take this action.

We have grown in the media scene over the past year, the most famous being the Japanese Beyblade Episode Subs and the rare music we have acquired. We have grown from strength to strength in media. But for the media section to be what is, I have to thank Breedo. He has been a real support for this section by constantly providing large amounts of media update and being lucky enough to have a contact with Jonathan Evan (the creator of Round After Round). We, for the first time, have been able to host Beyblade Episodes and fan subbed episodes for the public. The much requested Japanese subbed episodes have been a great hit thanks to Breedo and our translator Crisis.

We have a great setup for the media side of things this year with Breedo planning a fan dub of Beyblade episodes. This should be fun and will star members of BeyUK and others. This is just one of the many exciting planned updates we have for you guys.

A new design with new aims. Here comes version 7!
So here is the new layout, although I said that version 6 was the final layout for BeyUK I kind of got board and thought I would create a new style. As you have probably noticed this layout is rather familiar to that of Beyblade Blitzkriegs old layout. Well that is where I got the design idea from, however if you didn't notice then forget I said anything. This style is by far the best one, having started to use CSS properly now, it will now be easier to edit the sites style. I have finally learnt the famous PHP include script, I knew it before but was the long winded version. Now, adding top sites and and changing the guest book and forum link won't be so much of a chore in the future. We have stuck to our original navigation style just so as not everything has changed. I have my graphics design to thank for the banner as my images are now allot cleaner and simpler which is great. A new layout has opened and a new future is present!

Still on version 7, updates are more frequent with the release of MFB!
I will need to back track on this chapter. Lets take a look before the release of MFB. The site was pretty much dead because I was busy with college and I was just letting the updates people sent me build up in my email inbox. This obviously wasn't good as I lost the enthusiasm to update and became uninterested in Beyblade for a short period. I soon found enough time, allot of time, to get rid of all the junk in my inbox. This was how you could say, A massive update. With my inbox clear I was now able to focus on the current things that could be done to the site.

Prior to this though we had a new member join us called The Unknown God. He was a great addition to the team. He was able to update our Anime Guide Reviews which hadn't been looked at in absolutely ages. Up to this date he has pretty much completed the entire V-Force season by himself. He will then move onto G-Rev and hopefully finish that before Metal Fight Beyblade gets released in the USA/UK. As soon as this new season gets released in the US I will be asking him to start writing up the MFB guides.

Back to present day now. We recently had another new member of staff join us called Gekiryu. She has joined us as a Beyblade Review Writer. She hasn't submitted anything yet but she let us have a sneak peek at her Takara Gabriel. I must say that it looks promising and I look forward to seeing her submit content here for BeyUK. The release of Metal Fight Beyblade has sparked my Beyblade Spirit again. The site has seen many updates since August 2008. The main category that has been updated is the Game section. I have reshuffled the entire section to allow the new MFB content to be added. MFB content is being updated as and when I get new products which will be virtually after the day of release thanks to theINtoy. We are also lucky enough to be providing updates for the MFB Manga. Kai-V over at Beyblade Spirit has agreed to let me post up 20 page (10 scans) of each chapter that gets released in CoroCoro.

As many of you are aware, I have recently replaced the Guest book with the long awaited BeyUK Sub site, aka the AMV Archive. This acts as a sort of public backup of all the BeyUK AMVs that have been up for download on the site. So now, if your PC goes dead and you loose your AMV collection, you can access them easily from the BeyUK AMV Archive. This is a great addition to the site if I say so myself.

Now to today, 2nd December 2008. BeyUK has been growing stronger and stronger with every passing day. We are becoming a more rounded web site, but media remains our strong point. We have recently reached 300,000 hits which is a great achievement for us. Along with this, we are only 27,000 unique hits away from 100,000. I hope that everybody continues to support BeyUK and encourages others to visit and by the new MFB products available from theINtoy, Ideal808 and ToyWiz.

BeyUK :: Metal Fight :: Version 8 is the standing point for a new era of Bey!!
This layout has taken longer than expect to completed, purely because I have had so much other stuff to sort out in my personal life. In terms of design, the banner took about two to three weeks to complete with the help of Kai-V from Beyblade Spirit. Her support and critism has been greatly appreciated and cannot be dismissed. This layout has more of a personal touch to it compared to the old layouts. I have added in a touch of my own personal art style. The new layout represents what our prime intention is from here on in. However, the old version of the Beyblade Spinning Tops and Anime won't be ignored though. Our old content is just as important as the new and updating will continue. Be prepared for Metal Fight Beyblade Anime updates to be more frequent very soon!