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Japanese Name: Rai Chou

English Name: Lee Wong

Japanese Voice: Kouichi Nagano

English Voice: Ted Cole

Beyblade 2000 age (Japanese): 13

Beyblade 2000 age (english): 13

Beyblade V-Force age (Japanese): Not present in V-Force

Beyblade V-Force age (english): Not present in V-Force

Beyblade G-Rev age (Japanese): 16

Beyblade G-Rev age (english): 16

Bit Beast: Galeon

Bio: Lee is the Team Captain of the White Tigers. Ray was Lee's best friend until he allegedly stole Driger, by receiving him and leaving the team, and left to further his Beyblading skills with the Blade Breakers. However, Ray was forgiven after having an opportunity to redeem himself, this was later shown in the G-Revolution season when Lee and Ray teamed up as a tag team duo. He is very fond of his villages traditions. Mariah is his sister. In G-Revolution Lee is a more focused and tamed blader. His rage levels are lower than that in Beyblade 2000, thus making him more self controlled and an overall stronger blader.