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  This is our game/hobby section. It is currently expanding due to the release of the new Metal Fight Beyblade franchise. We have some odd sections to do with this section of the game, but you can expect some changes to occur gradually over the next few months. We also update our plastic and HMS sections.  
The database
+Plastic and HMS Dictionaries
=Plastic Beyblade A-Z
=HMS Beyblade A-Z
=Plastic & HMS blade parts dictionary
+Metal Fight Beyblade Dictionaries and Encyclopedia's
=Metal Fight Beyblade A-Z *NEW*
=Metal Fight Beyblade Track Dictionary *NEW*
=Metal Fight Beyblade Bottom Dictionary *NEW*
=Metal Fight Beyblade Stadium Encyclopedia *NEW*
=Metal Fight Beyblade Battle Videos
+Beyblade systems
=4 & 5 Layer
=Engine Gear
=Heavy Metal System
=Metal Fight Beyblade System
=Metal Fight Beyblade: Hybrid Wheel System
+Weight disk anatomy for plastics
=6 Balance
=6 Heavy
=6 Wide
=8 Balance
=8 Heavy
=8 Wide
=10 Balance
=10 Heavy
=10 Wide
=Magnetic Weight Disk
=Wide Attack
+Weight disk anatomy for HMS
=Circle Balance
=Circle Heavy
=Circle Wide
=Custom Weight Disk
+Beyblade types
=Attack *NEW*
=Defence *NEW*
=Endurance *NEW*
=Zombie Killer
=Upper Attack *NEW*
=Grinding Attack
Maintenance & Beykits
+Beyblade maintenance
=Improve your bearing core
=Straightening your ripcord
+Creating a Beykit
The Rules and Regulations
+WBO rules (Requires Adobe Reader to view) *NEW*
+BBA rules (Plastic and HMS Generation)
+TT Hongli Beyblades (how to spot fakes)
+How to spot fake Metal Fight Beyblade products *NEW*