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Read these if you have or had any problems with BeyUK. You can also read them if you have any general queries.

Q. Why can't I access BeyUK?
A. The reason for this is that we may be down for editing, changing the layout, the page you are trying to look at may not be available or there maybe a server error, all these are error 404. These problems should only be temporary, roughly 24 hours.

Q. Can I use material on the site.
A. Absolutely not you fool, work hard to get your own content. It has taken us a twp years to get content as good as we have now!.

Q.Can I use any of your media on my site?
A. Yes you can but please read our disclaimer, Terms Of Use and look at our page for using stuff. It will tell you what you will need to do to use stuff from BeyUK, it will also let you know of consequences if you have used (stolen) content without our permission.

Q. Where are you from?
A. We here at BeyUK are from Europe and the USA currently. However, we are looking for staff to join us from the far east, Japan ideally. If you interested then please contact me, BeyUK-Espio, via the contact us page.

Q. Can I contact anybody from BeyUK?
A. This is possible, just go to the about us page and we have provided you with emails to contact us on.

Q. I have a specific question about the site, who do I contact?
A. You can go to the contact us page and see what member of the site you need to contact for each area.

Q. Do you accept stuff from viewers, such as art work?
A. Yes we are always happy to accept fan submitted work. Go to the send us stuff page and follow the instructions that we have provided.

Q. How long has the site been up for?
A. BeyUK's birthday is on the 30th of April. You can figure the rest out because I will have to edit this bit every year which is a pain and nobody would notice anyway.

Q. Is affiliation open?
A. Affiliation is always open.

Q. How do I affiliate?
A. Go to our affiliation page for information.

Q. Beyblade sucks! Your site is crap!
A. Your point being? If you could further state why my site sucks then please tell me how I could improve it then I will make it a priority to correct anything.

Q. What do you do in your spare time?
A. Well we all do lots of different visit about us to learn more and contact us using the email address's provided.

Q. Is this a porn site?
A. We have porn located in a secret place on our server which no one else can touch...not even I know it exists!

Q. Is this site popular?
A. Check the site stats on the left, the numbers will answer this question.

Q. Do you have a forum?
A. Yup we do and it is quite popular, check it out (click here).

Q. I have lost all of your music videos due to a virus or my computer dying on me. Is there anyway I can get them back?
A. NO, why do I care that you lost all of our videos? Only joking. We here at BeyUK take our media content very seriously. So this is why I took my time to upload all our music videos to our AMV Archive. You can find this sub site by clicking the sub site button on the site or by clicking here.

Q. Do you know when the Metal Fight Beyblade anime will be released?
A. Actually I do. It will be released in Japan on April 2009. We hope to see it released in the USA/Canada/UK during 2010. This is only a prediction and no solid date can be given I'm afraid.

Q. Where can I buy Metal Fight Beyblade toys?
A. You can buy products from theINtoy, Ideal808 and ToyWiz.

Q. How much do you earn from this site?
A. We at BeyUK get no return from the site as it is non-profitable. The only return we get is the satisfaction from providing everybody in the community with quality information.

Q. How old are you?
A. We are as old as the comos, almost as old as God. Really, we are...I'm being absolutely serious here people.