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These style of Beyblade's are known to outlast their opponents. They can take many hits and continue to spin due to their sharp point that distinguishes them from other base types. There are three types of sharp tip. The first is the regular plastic sharp tips, then the metal sharp tips and finally the bearing core sharp tips. The Bearing Core sharp tips are most commonly used. However, if you don't happen to own one then it is recommended that you use a sharp metal rather than a plastic. The sharp metal has less resistance when in contact with the stadiums surface. Therefore the blade will loose less RPM when getting knocked about by the opposing Beyblade. They often remain in the center of the stadium. This is why Takara stadiums have what is called the "survival area", the flat surface in the middle of the stadium.

A few Beyblades were released with the Bearing Core spin gear. Some of these blades include Wolborg, Wolborg 2, Bearing Stinger and Burning Kerberous. There are two types of Bearing core, the first is the original plastic tipped bearing core which is ideal for your standard zombie/endurance customization. The second is the Bearing Core 2 Grip which has a rubber tip on it rather than a plastic one. This bearing core is used to make a more defensive endurance blade. The bearing core enables the blade to spin separately from the blade tip. The zombie Beyblade is the best kind of endurance Beyblade and fully uses the function of the bearing core.

*Thanks to Pichuscute at WBO for corrections*