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20th April 2009 || 85385 Unique Hits

This weeks update is now available! I have got Metal Fight Beyblade screen shots, a character profile and a new music video. Be sure to check everything out below. More news will be coming soon hopefully, keep checking back to keep up to date. Don't forget that the next episode of Metal Fight Beyblade is due to aire 26th April. This episode is called Rush! Bull's Power! We will hopefully get episode 3 screen shots up soon. Until next time folks!!

...::[Anime Update]::...

The first anime update is aimed at the MFB Screen shot collection. I have been busy taking still captures of Episode 02: Leone's Fangs. Having finally resized everything to thumbnail size, I have got everything up on the servers. These ones are smaller than the previous ones but they are still in high quality. Kai-V of Beyblade Spirit is to thank for the episode this time. To check our MFB Anime Episode Screen shots then click this link.

The second anime update is the original Beyblades Character Profile. This character profile belongs to Queen, one the two evil doers from the King & Queen duo. This mischievous and evil character has been voted for in the poll. As with King, not much can be said, I have however put together what I can. To view Queens profile then just click here.

...::[Media Update]::...

The media update for today is a video by Breedo. This is another of his classics and can be classed as a sort of show reel. This is when he was practicing his video making ability and skill. This video is called Hit the Floor. To check this video out click the link here or use the image available at the top of the site.


21st April 2009 || 85491 Unique Hits

So much for having a single update this week. I have been busy again today! Having got my copy of Episode 03 - Wolf's Ambition! I have been busy screen shooting, resizing to thumbnail size and uploading haha. So that is pretty much the first update, the second is a media update. For a full list of updates please check below. So until next time!

...::[Anime Update]::...

The anime update for today is for the screen shots of MFB Episode 03. I have been busy taking still captures of Episode 03: Wolf's Ambition!. I finally finished resizing and uploading and am now offering them to the public. Feel free to use them. If you use them on your site then please give credit to where you got them from, in this case it would be This applies to where ever else you may get them from as well.

...::[Media Update]::...

Today's media update is only small. I have finally got around to uploading and updating with Japy-Chans Ray fan art. this fan art is an animated GIF. We hope to see more artwork submitted by our regular BeyUK fans. I also look forward to seeing some Metal Fight Beyblade fan art. To view the fan art submission just click this link.


02nd May 2009 || 87027 Unique Hits

This is a HUGE update for everybody. I couldn't be bothered to lots of little updates as that would waste more time than just making a single large update. Now these are fairly uncommon but when we do have them they are always worth it. We have updates across the entire site this time. I have been extremely busy updating content and adding some new bits here and there. Be sure to check everything as this is one update you DON'T want to miss! So until next time folks!

...::[Game Update]::...

I have got round to editing the Metal Fight Beyblade Stadium Encyclopedia for everybody, so instead of just images I have also added some new details. The details that have been added are the following: Total diameter, total height, Total beyspin area, Product number and release date. Adding the measurements allows you to check the size of the product before purchasing. Everything else is for reference purpose only.

I have updated the Metal Fight Beyblade Track Dictionary. It now includes the C145 track for Flame Sagittario. Be sure to check it out for details.

I have added the World Beyblade Organization Rules to the Game section. The link provided is a download and you need Acrobat Reader. The WBO link is temporary and I will move it to our server as soon as I have permission from Brad.

Our weight disks in the Game section have had the info part removed and replaced with a more suitable "purpose" section. This states what type of blade they are best suited for. I will update this bit as I get more info.

The Plastic & HMS blade parts dictionary has had some entries removed and others have been amended as I found spelling errors and other various issue with it.

I have edited the following articles in the Game section after approaching the WBO community and getting their support for them. I have amended the Attack article, Defence article and the endurance article. I am waiting on a few more pictures for the defence article but other than that, it seems finished.

We also have some new images from the Takara-Tomy web site regarding BB-35 and BB-36. the images are below, the Flame Sagittario image has a larger image so click the thumbnail to view it. Unfortunately, theINtoy have Flame Sagittario on pre-order but no Metal Faces. The Metal Faces are very popular over in Japan but you can expect to see some soon as they are searching for stock already. As soon as they know, we will know therefore meaning that you will know as well!

Click to enlarge...

...::[Anime Update]::...

The first thing in the Anime update is the weekly MFB Anime episode screen shots. We have a wide selection of high quality screen shots for Episode 04: Rush! Bull's Power! (26/04/09). Be sure to check these out and use them for avatars etc. If you want to use these on your site then email me to ask for permission first.

As well as this, I have also spent the week updating all the Metal Fight Beyblade Character profiles. We now have more info on the listed characters below:

...::[Manga Update]::...

A last minute update for the manga section. Thank to Kai-V and Miingo over at Beyblade Spirit they have uploaded Chapter Eight of the MFB Manga. I'm starting to use less and less pages as what you see here is a taster of the chapter. You will need to visit Beyblade Spirit to see the remainder of the chapter. But check what we have here and head over to Beyblade Spirit once you've checked the rest of our updates!

...::[Media Update]::...

Our media section has seen three updates for this week. The first is a new video by Breedo. This is the last of his four classic videos. So any fans of his will want to make sure that they download it. This video is called Welcome to My Hell and by downloaded by visiting the music video page.

We also have a fan submitted music video. This video has been submitted by YeshuaXChaos. This user's video is called Game On! Be sure to check it out and download it. To view this video, just click the following link.

The final media update has appeared on WBO first. I have been editing all the staff avatars as you have probably seen. Whilst doing this I decided to make some MFB 120x120 avatars for everybody. Be sure to check them out. If your interested and want to use one then feel free but please credit BeyUK for it. If you have any requests regarding MFB avatars then please feel free to let me know on the tag board or at WBO. I have all the MFB episodes released to date so I will see what I can do for you.

...::[World Beyblade Organization Update]::...

This year, The World Beyblade Organization has officially announced that May 23rd will be considered as World BeyDay! The reason behind this is because two of the worlds largest events are going to be occurring at two expo events on the same day on two sides of the world. The first will be in Canada at the Anime North Expo. This tournament is called Beyblade War Room. This will be hosted by Bey Brad, the Admin of WBO. The second is called Beyblade SpinOff. This event will be hosted at the MCM Expo in London. Be sure to check out either of the event if your interested in participating. Use the links provided below to find your way:

For Beyblade War Room click this link || For Beyblade SpinOff click this link

To celebrate this grand opening event there will be no limit to the number of ranked WBO BeyBattles for all bladers on May 23rd. In addition, the WBO would like your help in promoting the events. By doing so, you could be in with a chance to win a free Storm Pegasis 105RF along with a Face Booster for your WBO Forum Account. To view the details on entering and what you need to do just follow the link provided: May 23rd is BeyDay!

I have gotten in on the action already and have already uploaded the video my YouTube account. So to see a demo of the video just use the YouTube embedded player below:

I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Kai-V of Beyblade Spirit for making it onto the World Beyblade Organization Committee, or Administration team to you and me. Well done, you deserve it!


16th May 2009 || 88396 Unique Hits

This weekends update has finally arrived. It seems that I'm forever working on this site now lol. I have been busy with updates all week and worrying over the Beyblade Spinoff Event at MCM Expo this month, next week actually. As your probably aware, it is back on. Credit goes to Dieddead at WBO Forums for the web site background and general artwork creation to help promote this event. I loom forward to seeing as many of the UK community there as I'm helping Rocky out with the preparations and general running of the event. Another forum member by the name of Blitz is also supporting her. You can expect this to be a great success and fun filled day of Beyblading. Don't forget the unlimited Battle Points that are available as well! For the actual update, check the details below. Until next time folks!

...::[Game Update]::...

I have updated the Metal Fight Beyblade A-Z in the Game section. I have now added Flame Sagittario C145S. Images and other information is now available. I have been working on a stamina customization involving Flame Sagittario's Metal Wheel Flame. This metal wheel looks to have some use with very little recoil.

I have added to new, due to be released, Beyblade to the Metal Fight Beyblade A-Z. These go by the names of Flame Libra T125ES and Stardust Pegasis. Stardust Pegasis will be available through a random booster and Flame Libra T125ES will be released as a booster. Kai-V has also announced that Flame Libra's bottom is called "Eternal sharp" and looks to be a bearing bottom. The track is set to have some down force as well.

The bottom info for Wind Aquario has been changed from CB to HFS. they both act the same way. HFS can be changed between Hole Flat and Sharp. CB was the original name and has the same properties. It may very well change back to CB as it makes more sense than HFS. We will keep you updated up until release!

The HFS/CB bottom has been added to the Metal Fight Beyblade Bottom Dictionary. Be sure to check it out as we have compiled a list of all the current bottoms as well. This is a great learning resource for those want to learn about the MFB Bottoms.

We also have a new addition in the Game section. This new page features Metal Fight Beyblade Battles Videos. These have been provided by The Unknown God. He is taking time out from Episode Guide Writing and needed something to keep him occupied haha. He decided to record Beyblade Battles and will be taking requests for MFB only in the near future. All files have been uploaded to Megaupload for download. We may however only have Youtube watch links in the future for every bodies convenience.

We also have a set of new product images that are available from Toys R Us Japan and the official Takara-Tomy web site. We have uploaded them here for you convenience. these images are of Random Booster Light Vol. 2 Wind Aquario 100HF/S, BB-38 :: Beylauncher, BB-39 :: Carabiner Grip. All are set to be released on the 23rd/27th May 2009.

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

...::[Anime Update]::...

I missed uploading MFB Episode 05 screen shots last week so I have got a double whammy for you this weekend. I have uploaded and screen capped Episode 05: Cancer of Revenge and Episode 06: Aquario's Challenge!. These are all HQ screen shot and the size of them are 1280x720. I will get this Sunday's screen shots sorted for a mid week update.

I have added some new info to the character profiles of Benkei and Kenta. In addition to this, I have also added to new character profiles for Tetsuya (Mad Cancer owner) and Hikaru (Wind Aquario owner).

A new profile has also been added for the original Beyblade series characters. This new character profile is for Raul from F-Dynasty.

...::[Media Update]::...

We have now uploaded the Beyblade G-Revolution OST from the Japanese Anime. This is the last one. so enjoy. We have both the batch download and individual song downloads available. To get the movie OST then just visit this thread on the WBO Forum. You can also find links to the other Beyblade music that we have here at in that thread.


30th May 2009 || 89904 Unique Hits

I got back from Beyblade Spinoff last weekend and have been updating BeyUK pretty much all this week. We have a few anime updates, a few media updates and a quick round up from WBO this weekend. I will be looking to start capturing screen shots from the first three seasons of Beyblade. This will overwrite what we currently have. So check below for more details and until next time folks!

...::[Toys Update]::...

A little update regarding the Beyblade stock available at theINtoy. I have recently had confirmation from INtoy that they have found a supplier who has guaranteed restocks for them. However, the list is very vague at this point and I don't want to mention anything that won't be restocked. I will be back next week with a confirmed list of products. Hopefully we will see the Metal Faces reach UK shores for the first time.

...::[Anime Update]::...

I have been busy screen shooting Episode 07: The Sure Kill Spinning Technique! Sagittario! and Episode 08: Merci's Dangerous Trap. It now appears that these screen shots will now entail the time that it is Japan. There is nothing I can do about this. If there are any avatar requests then I will be using the Standard Definition download. These screen shots are all in HD. Please feel free to take a look through these episode screen shots.

On another note, I will be updating the first three seasons of Beyblade with better images than what we have. I won't do screen shots for all the episodes as this will be very time consuming. I will instead take random screen shots across all the episodes. You can expect at least sixty screen shots for each season.

...::[Media Update]::...

Our first media update games from the Beyblade fan BBGoldFlame. She has kindly submitted two music videos to Her first one has been put up on BeyUK with her second to follow shortly. This video is called Divide Between Destiny and Disaster. It features Tyson and Kai's bravery and determination during G-Revolution. I hope you enjoy the video. It can be found by clicking this link or using the relative image in the most recent key updates section.

Breedo has also been making a parody video and a more serious AMV regarding the MFB Anime. These ones are not for download though. They can be watched on Breedo's Youtube Channel. To check them out just click the links provided here; Demon Hunt! and Epic Truth!

...::[World Beyblade Organization Update]::...

The two events that were sanctioned by the WBO as official BeyDay events were a success. Beyblade War Room was huge in Canada. Brad has been busy making videos for this particular event. He has uploaded two videos in memory of this event. The first is a general video that features the activities at BWR. This video can be viewed here. The second is a video of Bey Brad and Spinster reminiscing over the Beyblade past, present and future. Check this video out here. Both videos are in HD and SD. Obviously HD is the preferred video quality.

Secondly, the event that I was co-hosting in London was a success as well. We had tournaments on both days and prizes were given to the top three on both days as well. Saturday was the main feature however. We rekindled many Bey Spirits and got people involved with the new Metal Fight Beyblade Franchise. A few were reluctant to move on but oh well. My friend, a Photo Journalist, took many photos on the the Sunday when we had a small 16 participant round robin tournament. To view all of these photos then please visit his Flickr account by clicking here.

WBO member Bladebee won the Storm Pegasis 105RF giveaway that took place over BeyDay. Congratulations and enjoy your new Beyblade! WBO will also start to knuckle down on BP grinding/bumping. Basically, all this means is that WBO will restructure the BP system to restrict those that battle the same person over and over to gain a lot of BeyPoints. BeyBrad will also be working hard on videos for the Beyblade Channel and Beyblade reviews for the Wiki. So stay tuned!


05th June 2009 || 90594 Unique Hits

Our main focus this week is our anime section. For those that have been checking the site, they will already know what this update is. But those that don't, then please check below under the relevant heading. We also have a media update and a run down of what has been happening over at WBO lately. So until next time folk!

...::[Toys Update]::...

I regret to inform everybody that myself and theINtoy are still waiting on a confirmation email regarding what they have have managed to acquire. This is coming from the Japan end, so please do bear with us. You are certain to hear of any update as soon as I receive word from theINtoy. The latest email reads something along the lines of "Please give us a bit more time". As you can expect, trying to get a british retail company in possession of a Japanese Product is extremely hard now that the Metal Fight Beyblade Anime has been released.

Additionally, Takara-Tomy had announced that Hasbro will be trading the Metal Fight Beyblade/Beyblade: Metal Fusion franchise on the western shores. As an international and UK based web site we will be following both the Japanese and UK/US markets progression on the MFB/BMF franchise. We will work closely with Beyblade Spirit and The World Beyblade Organization to bring you accurate and reliable information. These products will be released in 2010 over in the US and shortly after in the UK.

...::[Anime Update]::...

I have been extremely busy this week on our Anime section. I have had requests from visitors asking for better screen shots of the original three season of Beyblade. I have taken them into consideration and have uploaded screen of the highest resolution from the episodes I have. These are nothing compared to the MFB episodes. However, they are still better than the previous batch. Be sure to check them out by using these links: Beyblade 2000 Screen shots, Beyblade V-Force Screen shots and Beyblade G-Revolution Screen shots.

As well as these I have also just finished the screen shots for Metal Fight Beyblade Episode 09: Leone's Counterattack. These are all at the highest possible quality that is available. We have 197 screen shots from this episode. So please enjoy!

ALSO! Some great news has been bought to us from Kai-V at Beyblade Spirit. she has been busy checking out the Nelvana web site for any hint of the Metal Fight Beyblade or should I rather say "Beyblade: Metal Fusion" Anime in US/UK. As you can all guess, MFB/BMF has been confirmed to have a release over in North America in Fall 2010. You can expect the MFB/BMF release to appear on UK shores shortly after, so lets say 2011 at the latest. Below is a quote from


BEYBLADE: Metal Fusion to Launch in North America Next Year

(LICENSING INTERNATIONAL EXPO – Las Vegas, Nevada) – Nelvana Enterprises, together with d-rights Inc., is thrilled to announce the return of the internationally successful BEYBLADE toy and programming franchise, with the introduction of 51 new episodes and a revamped toy line, both to be called BEYBLADE: Metal Fusion.

The BEYBLADE series features characters competing for dominance with their BEYBLADE tops, battling with an evil organization, Dark Nebula. The original BEYBLADE toy line was a massive hit with boys, often selling out in stores and attracting thousands of competitors to its tournaments around the world. It was awarded Toy of the Year in 2002 and 2003.

BEYBLADE: Metal Fusion will feature 51 new episodes co-produced by Nelvana and d-rights. Set to launch in North America in Fall 2010, the new series features a fresh cast of characters that take on the continued battle between good and evil. The companion toy line is produced by Tomy Company, Ltd. Hasbro, Inc. has been chosen as the master toy licensee outside of Middle East and Asia. Hasbro brought the product line successfully to market in the U.S. and other regions in 2002. Nelvana Enterprises will represent d-rights in various countries, distributing the TV series internationally, as well as for merchandising rights and home video.

The new TV series and toy line have already launched in Japan to great fanfare. The toys include all the customization features that kids love while progressing to an all-metal gear system for even more exciting battles. All-new tournaments for the BEYBLADE Battle Association are planned for North America.

“Nelvana is excited to be part of the relaunch of this global toy phenomenon and to work with our international partners to bring kids this great updated toy line and new television episodes” said Mark Northwood, Vice President, Worldwide Licensing, Nelvana Enterprises.

“We are thrilled to have been chosen for the relaunch of BEYBLADE,” said Derryl DePriest, Hasbro’s Vice President of Marketing. “Millions of kids around the world enjoyed our popular BEYBLADE product line. The innovations that our designers plan to bring to BEYBLADE tops will offer kids even more exciting and dynamic ways that they can compete in BEYBLADE battles.”

Representatives from Nelvana Enterprises are at Licensing International Expo this week in Las Vegas at Booth 2211.

So that sums it up! MFB has now been dubbed as Beyblade: Metal Fusion for the western market. There isn't a huge difference in the names. However, we here at BeyUK will refer to it as both titles where relevant.

...::[World Beyblade Organization Update]::...

We have another update from the guys over at the WBO! So lets begin!

Brad has changed the BeyPoint limit from a maximum of 10 battles a day to 5 battles a month against the same Beyblader. This will help aid the prevention of BP Grinding. the only battles that will not count towards this limit will be those battles that took place in a WBO sanctioned Beyblade Tournament.

WBO sanctioned Beyblade Tournaments will now require a $5 or £3 entrance fee for each blader that enters a tournament. However, you can bypass this entrance fee by donating $10 a year which will pay for a Blader Passport. This will allow bladers unlimited entrance to any WBO Events and they will also be awarded a Passport Face to go on their forum profile! Having a Blader Passport will also permit you entrance to premium contests. You can subscribe to a Blader Passport via Paypal, or you can purchase one at a WBO event. You can purchase your passport by clicking here!

The Royal Face will no longer be given out when people donate $10 to the WBO. Instead, they will will receive a Random Booster Black Face. Please bear in mind that donating is completely separate from the Blader Passport and both use two different Paypal setups. So you have been warned. It is recommended that you invest in a blader passport before donating $10.

A quick quote from Bey Brad regarding the current change to the WBO donating systems:

"I really want to settle any fears that I am making some sort of attempt to "sell out" here. I'm not. The fact of the matter is, the WBO is very expensive to me in terms of both time and money, and I have to do something to balance that out. Just keeping the web site online costs me about $12 a month, and it's going up every month because we are gaining so much popularity. Then there is domain registration. There is a new programming development coming up that will cost us $125 (it's going to rule, though!). Much of BWR was paid for out of pocket -- $115 just for printing fliers and such -- and I'd love to be able to do more giveaways and such, so things like this are truly necessary in order for us to keep growing. We can all hope that Hasbro will decide to give us some love next year, but until then, I'm doing what I need to do.

I also want to offer stuff that is compelling to you guys so we can make money to keep cool stuff coming and also provide you guys with stuff you want. We've begun designing special Face Sticker sets that should be on sale by the end of the summer, for approximately $5 for six stickers. Before the year's end I would love to have a WBO DVD out as well. We're also talking about doing a calendar, but I get the feeling you guys would rather have DVDs and stickers and maybe posters or something. If there's something you guys would like to see us offering, tell us!

Please help us expand our tournament schedule! If you want to run a tournament in your area, contact us!

We would also like to say congratulations to Rocky for becoming a member of the WBO committee. she has deserved this after pulling off the impossible with Beyblade Spinoff! Well done!


12th June 2009 || 91333 Unique Hits

Time for this weeks update. I have been busy with other things this week so this is only a small update. Two anime updates are have been added. There are no images as of yet regarding the new releases for MFB this month. So stay tuned and until next time folks!

...::[Anime Update]::...

The first anime update is for the Metal Fight Beyblade Anime! I have screen shot Episode 10: Fierce Fighting! Ginga Vs Kyouya. These are all high quality screen shots and there are 179 images to look at. Enjoy them! Episode 11 will come next week. MFB Episode 10 was a very touching episode, so it is also worth downloading the HD episode over at WBO!

On another note, I have added Salima's character profile to the anime section. Be sure to read up on her! You can view her profile by clicking here.


19th June 2009 || 92254 Unique Hits

A rather large update for everybody this week! We have some new images for the products that are to be released this month, including a peek at Lightning L Drago for next month. Our regular episode screen shots have been added and some amendments have been made to the MFB character profiles. A manga chapter and music video has been thrown into the mix as well. Check out everything below! So until next time folks!

...::[Game Update]::...

We have a new update on the Track Dictionary and Bottom Dictionary. As your well aware, we have some new blades being released this month. The additions to these pages are from Dark Bull H145SD. H145 has been added to the Track Dictionary and SD has been added to the Bottom Dictionary. Be sure to check both of these out to get a sneak peek at what they will look like.

I have also bought to you some new images for each of the new releases over in Japan. These images have been sourced from the Takara-Tomy web site and Amazon Japan web site. Click the thumbnails below to enlarge them (please bear in mind that Lightning L Drago 100HF isn't due for release until 18th July 2009):

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

The Unknown God has also uploaded a new MFB Battle Video for everybody. All of these new videos will be available at Youtube, rather than having them for download. This method seems more convenient than having to download the videos every time. This new video is a bout between Bull 125SF Vs Libra 145S. All of the battle videos can be seen by visiting our Metal Fight Beyblade Battle Videos page. Be sure to check what we have. There will be plenty more arriving, I'm just working on some minor adjustments to how the videos are presented.

...::[Anime Update]::...

I have uploaded 170 screen shots for the last Metal Fight Beyblade episode. This episode is entitled Episode 11 : The hunt for Wolf! This shows a quick flash back of Ginga's past and the owner of L Drago. Ginga and the crew begin their quest to find Daidouji. The next episode is titled Episode 12 : Infiltration! The Dark Nebula Castle. This episode is due to aire on the 21st June. Screen shots will appear around the same time next week! Enjoy!

I have also amended the profiles of Benkei and Kyouya. these minor details bring you up to date with the characters current situation in the anime and what role they are currently playing. To view the profiles click the relevant link below:

...::[Manga Update]::...

Kai-V and Miingo over at Beyblade Spirit have uploaded Chapter 09 if the MFB Manga! Be sure to check the scans we have on BeyUK. Then head on over to Beyblade Spirit to view the remainder of the scans with no water marks. Use the links below to check what we have:

...::[Media Update]::...

We have a new music video bought to you by BBGoldFlame. This her second video, I also apologies for the long wait. This video is called "The Nightmare Within". The video can be viewed on our Fan submitted music videos page. We have links to both a streaming video at youtube and a downloadable version at Megaupload. Don't be thrown off by the considerably small file size at Megaupload, it is perfectly fine to download.


27th June 2009 || 93139 Unique Hits

This update only consists of content added to our Metal Fight Beyblade Anime section. See below for full details. That is all we have for this week I'm afraid. I'm been very busy this week, not that its different every other week haha. So enjoy the update and until next time folks!

...::[Anime Update]::...

I have added screen shots for Metal Fight Beyblade Episode 12 : Infiltration! The Dark Nebula Castle. In this episode, I have taken 155 screen shots in high quality. Some the screen shots are low quality due to the drawing being done in Korea. However, they are still fantastic screen shots.

In addition to this, I have also added two new profiles to the Metal Fight Beyblade character profiles:

I have also slightly modified the following character profile as well:

You should see a larger update to Ginga's profile next week because the next episode will show the beginning of the battle between Ginga and Ryuuga.


22nd July 2009 || 96425 Unique Hits

This update has been in the works for three weeks haha. I have been extremely busy with other things, so I apologize in advance for the delay. However, I'm away for three weeks as of today so don't expect any update until I get back. I have left you with a large update to keep you all occupied until then. Hopefully, when I get I should be making a large Beyblade order, so expect some updates to the Game section! Until then, enjoy the current update and keep posting your comments on the tag board. Also, make sure you sign up to the World Beyblade Organization forums! Until next time folks!

...::[Game Update]::...

We have got some new images of the next set of MFB releases in Japan. Click the thumbnails below to bring up a larger image. The images below, from left to right, are the following: Lightning L Drago 100HF (already released), Random Booster Vol. 3 Stardust Pegasis (already released), Random Booster Light Vol. 3 Clay Aries ED145D and Beystadium Standard Type.

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

We have also got some new products which were discovered by Bey Brad, Director of the World Beyblade Organization. These new products are due for release on 24th October 2009 and 14th November 2009. These product are the following:

  • BB-51 :: Extreme Beystadium :: Release 24/10/2009
  • BB-53 :: Digital Power Launcher Pegasis Ver. :: Release 14/11/2009
  • BB-54 :: Digital Power Launcher L Drago Ver. :: Release 14/11/2009

...::[Anime Update]::...

I have added screenshots to the following Metal Fight Beyblade episodes:

I have also added two new profiles for the characters featured in episode 15 and 16. These two characters are:

I have also gone back modified the following character profiles. I have added a new picture to Ryuusei and Ryuuga's profile and added some more info as well:

A new character profile has been added from the old Beyblade generation. This character profile belongs to Aaron of the Barthez Battalions. This character was picked by the public over a 5 week period. The next poll is below, so please continue to vote.

...::[Manga Update]::...

We have a new Metal Fight Beyblade Manga chapter for everybody this week as well. Again, these chapters come from Kai-V and Miingo over at Beyblade Spirit. As always, check what we have here and then head over to Beyblade Spirit to check the remainder of the chapter, or simply head to Beyblade Spirit for watermark free scans. The scans we have are listed below:

...::[Media Update]::...

We have a new music video by DarkKnightStudio. He has generously donated us one of his music videos to put up on Be sure to check it out! He is a promising AMV Creator for the Beyblade community and shows a lot of skill. His music video, Nothing Left, can be found by clicking here or using the image found at the top of the web site.

...::[World Beyblade Organization Update]::...

I'm not sure whether I have already posted this but here goes. The WBO have taken down their BeyPoint Ranking system temporarily so as they can perform maintenance work on it and improve for the community! They are also making huge changes to the way the forum works. So believe me when I say that this update will encourage donations to receive the random booster face packs! The WBO have also only limited ranked battles to Passport holders. To learn more check the following threads: Important Announcement Thread and The Blader Passport page.

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