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14th January 2009 || 76741 Unique Hits

To start things off, as your all aware now I followed through with the threats of taking the tag board offline due to the inconsiderate people that continued to discuss their web sites and post updates for web sites that have nothing to do with BeyUK. I don't mind a link to a web site to help people find information, but the links that were posted contained sites that didn't offer much or anything to the people that they couldn't already get from BeyUK. You can consider these posts as trying to gain popularity. Anyway, I have replaced the tag board with a link to the site forum. You need to sign up to post but it is worth it! I want to encourage people to use our forums to discuss information and have a fun time online. Our forum isn't just aimed at Beyblade but anything else of interest as well. So feel free to sign up and start posting today.

Secondly, some new Beyblade information has been released, this doesn't mean that new products have been released! So read up on this and post about them in our forums. These Beyblades are what can be considered as the upgrades for some of the original starter sets.

Thirdly, BeyUK may be seeing some anime character designs thanks to Kai-V. If this is possible then they will be up by the end of the week. This is all exciting news as the anime is due to air in April this year in Japan. So we are braced and ready to go!

Finally, you can expect something special to arrive within the coming few weeks. I'm not going to state what this is and any questions will be answered with a wait and see reply. You just need to keep checking back I'm afraid.

...::[Game Update]::...

A quick update for the game section today. News has just been revealed of a new set of blades that will be released in March apparently, so be prepared to spend all your money in this month at theINtoy! Below are the list of all the Beyblades that will be released. The date of release for all of these at the moment is 28th March 2009. As soon as images are released then we will update with those. These Beyblades can be discussed on our forum can be discussed by clicking here. The blades have also been added to the MFB Beyblade A-Z in the Game category. Click here to visit the MFB A-Z page.

  • BB-28 Storm Pegasis 105RF
  • BB-29 Dark Wolf DF145FS
  • BB-30 Rock Leone 145WB
  • BB-31 Random Booster Right Vol 1 Mad Cancer
  • BB-32 Hybrid Wheel Match Set
  • BB-33 Beystadium Wide Square Type
  • BB-34 Right Launcher Orange

...::[Anime Update]::...

The next character profile belongs to Joseph of the Saint Shields. I was quite surprised that this character was chosen because in previous polls he never saw any votes. Well anyway, to view this profile just click here: Joseph's Profile.


15th January 2009 || 76835 Unique Hits

Only a few visual updates today for everybody. This update has come sooner than expected but it is jam packed with exciting imagery and a new image of the latest Beyblade to be released by Takara-Tomy. So read below for further info regarding the two updates, one of the update regards the MFB Anime. So as said above, very exciting stuff. You can expect more and more updates regarding the anime over the next month or so due to the Japanese release being April this year. So peace out everybody and have a good day!

...::[Game Update]::...

The first update regards the new Takara-Tomy blade that is set to be released this month according to TRU Japan. However, Takara-Tomy contradict this. We apologize if the date is postponed and any incorrect information will be updated as and when I hear different. According to this new image from TRU Japan Gemios DF145FS is still set for release this month. So guys and girls, here is the image for everybody. Just click the image to enlarge it. The design has been changed significantly since the last time I saw it. However, I'm not sure of the purpose this wheel could have. The bottom, FS, is the abbreviation for Flat Sharp, in other words, a changing tip similar to that of Dranzer S. Anyway, we have a thread on our forum about this blade, so click here to visit the thread and leave your thoughts, sign up is required but it only takes a few seconds to do so.

Click to enlarge the image...

...::[Anime Update]::...

This is our first update regarding the Metal Fight Beyblade Anime. Coro Coro have recently started publishing images for the anime of MFB. This great news and a good insight into what can be expected of the MFB anime. These designs are really good and are rather similar to that of Duel Master, seeing as the character designs are drawn by the same artist. In my opinion, the anime characters look a lot more grown up and mature than those in the anime, this is the case with most Manga to Anime translations though. I have uploading the Anime character design that I said I would. These are provided by Kai-V of Beyblade Spirit, so be sure to visit them.

The characters are the following, from left to right: Ginga (Pegasis owner), Kyouya (Leone owner) and Daidouji (Wolf owner). Expect to see more character scans in next months issue, maybe. The anime release date is ever nearing and things are getting tense for those waiting to see it. May these scans satisfy your taste buds until then.


16th January 2009 || 76835 Unique Hits

A small informative update for you today. I received an email from Carl at theINtoy regarding a new set of releases for this year. I immediately looked into it and found out that Kai-V had already posted some info about them. I have therefore decided to list them here So take a gander at what is to come for April to June.

...::[Game Update]::...

Below is the list of releases for April to June so check them out:

  • BB-35 :: Flame Sagittario C145S :: Release 25/04/2009
  • BB-36 :: Metal Face :: Release 25/04/2009
  • BB-37 :: RB Right Vol2 Wind Aquario 100CB :: Release 23/05/2009
  • BB-38 :: Beylauncher Purple :: Release 23/05/2009
  • BB-39 :: Carabiner Grip :: Release 23/05/2009
  • BB-40 :: Dark H145SD :: Release 20/06/2009
  • BB-41 :: Beystadium Attack Type :: Release 20/06/2009
  • BB-42 :: Carrying Case :: Release 20/06/2003

So this the set of releases for part of the summer. For a full list of MFB releases check our thread out on our forum. You don't need to sign up to view threads, but you do to post. Aren't we a nice bunch of people, haha. Anyway, be sure to check back regularly as I always update the site frequently. These blades have also been added to our MFB Beyblade A-Z.


17th January 2009 || 76968 Unique Hits

A couple of game updates and a character profile update for you on this lovely sunny Saturday! I apologize now if anybody is missing updates due to the activity going on around MFB. This is why I am telling you to check every single day for an update, we update pretty much every single day here. However, if you did miss an update then you can always view them in our archive. The most recent update to be archived is always the last. To view the archive just click here.We have three pages of archived update, so there is plenty for you all to view. I hope everybody is going to have a fun packed weekend because I know I am haha. I would also like to remind everybody that we have the Beyblade 2000 Japanese OST up for download. To view the OST download link just click here. I will be offering up a bulk download of this next week for you all. Anyway, for today's updates just read below.

...::[Game Update]::...

This update regards Gemios DF145FS. One area has been updated and the other update is a new image for Gemios. So the first thing is that the FS, Flat Sharp, bottom has been added to our bottoms dictionary. As always, this update can be found by visiting our dictionary page by clicking here.

Secondly is the new images of Gemios. These have been released at the Takara-Tomy web site. Just click the thumbnail below to view the larger scale image of Gemios DF145FS:

...::[Anime Update]::...

The next character profile has been added to the anime category. This profile belongs to another female blader, this one is Julia of F-Dynasty. I hope you guys enjoy reading about her. To view Julia's profile you just need to click here: Julia's Character Profile.


21st January 2009 || 76968 Unique Hits

Our update for today is a wonderful media update for everybody. The main focus is a fair few new episodes submitted by Breedo for Beyblade 2000 and the second is provided by myself. Read below for further details. Peace out!

...::[Media Update]::...

The first media update for everybody is provided by Breedo! He has provided the next set of high quality Beyblade 2000 episodes for everybody. Be sure to check them out as I assure you that they ARE in high quality and look stunning! To view the Beyblade 2000 episodes just click here: Beyblade 2000 Episode Videos.

The second update is from me. I have uploaded the bulk download for the Beyblade 2000 (Bakuten Shoot Beyblade) OST. This can be found on the same page as individual OST track downloads. So be sure to check it out if you have issues downloading all the songs from Megaupload in one sitting. Click here to visit the Beyblade 2000 OST page.


02nd February 2009 || 77857 Unique Hits

Well people, here is the long awaited update with a few extras thrown in for everybody. Obviously the main and major update was uploading the new BeyUK layout. Nothing has changed in terms of where everything is but I have updated imagery to better suite our purpose and key focus from here on in. We will not however ignore the Beyblade original and we will continue to update regularly. Take a gander at the new layout and please leave your feedback in the forum or via the feedback link at the bottom of the update.

In regards to content updates. I have added Kevin's profile an update early. There is no particular reason for me doing this. I have also made amends to various other sections. All details can be found below. On another note, I will be looking to upload the second Beyblade OST this month for everybody. I will also begin uploading the batch download files for each language of the Beyblade Music page.

Have a good day and enjoy the update!

...::[Site Update]::...

I have amended the Sites History to now include the most recent layout change. So be sure to read it and learn about how the site started out. The most obvious site update is layout change. This has taken longer then expected and may continue to change the CSS as I'm still not 100% with it.

...::[Anime Update]::...

The first anime update for today regards the MFB Anime. We now have an image of the character designs that can be publicly posted. I have posted the smaller version but if you click the image below then you will be redirected to a larger scaled image to look at.

Click to enlarge...

The second update to the anime section is Kevin's profile. I have bought this update a week early with no real intention. I just had to bring an update as there hasn't been one for a while because of personal reasons. To view Kevin's profile just click here: Kevin's Character Profile.

You may also have noticed that I have started preparing the Anime page for the Metal Fight Beyblade Character Profiles. These profiles won't start appearing until I start receiving info on the characters from the anime. I will also need to wait for anime screen shots to start appearing in High Quality so as I can place a character image next to the text.


05th February 2009 || 78137 Unique Hits

A quick update for everybody today. I have added Gemios DF145FS to the MFB Beyblade Dictionary. I managed to take some picture yesterday. I have made a small tweak to the MFB toys section. I would also like to make everybody aware that there may be a lack of updates for a while because I have just had a client approach me and her work is of the up most importance. I will update the site when I can, so there may only be a single update to the site when I do have time. Anyway, read below for the updates I have made today. Have a good day everybody!

...::[Game Update]::...

I have added the long awaited Gemios DF145FS to the Metal Fight Beyblade Dictionary. This page now has pictures, stats and weights. So be sure to read up on it and I hope to get two more blades added up by the end of February, beginning of March. To check the Gemios' page then just click here.

...::[Toys Update]::...

I have now updated the available to stock at the theINtoy to include Gemios DF145FS. So be sure to swing by out toys page and purchase some of the brand new Metal Fight Beyblade stock. INtoy have also had restocks of the first four starters and they now have some the MFB Attack Style stadiums back in at limited stock. The attack stadium is the most popular one to date due to its tornado ridge. To visit out toys section then visit here: BeyUK Toys sections.


09th February 2009 || 78467 Unique Hits

Well folks, I have got a new update for you today. Only a small update this time round, a manga and anime update for you all. I will hopefully get the second Beyblade OST up this week. I have been extremely busy with a side project of mine and still am. I'm releasing a new web site for my personal graphics work, I will post a link to it now for everybody: iType-Design. There isn't much there at the moment as bits are still being worked on. This will let everybody see what I do in my spare time and what my aspirations are. Well, the update is below so be sure to read through it and I hope you enjoy it.

...::[Anime Update]::...

The first update is bought to you by Unknown God. He has been extremely busy with his personal life but has still managed to drop me an update for this week. He has provided the next three G-Revolution episodes guides for everybody. Be sure to read them to reminisce over the past. The guides can been viewed by clicking here: Beyblade G-Revolution guides.

...::[Manga Update]::...

The second update has been provided by Beyblade Spirit. As always, we will bring you a section of the next chapter of the Metal Fight Beyblade Manga. We have bought you part of chapter five, but as always you will need to visit Beyblade Spirit for the rest. Another reason to go to Spirit is because they have a clearer scan of the Storm Pegasis 105RF wheel from CoroCoro. I would like to thank Miingo and Kai-V for this manga update. Be sure to check the scans here and then pop over to Spirit for the remainder.

Click the relevant manga scan you wish to view:

MFB Manga Chapter Five :: Cover Page
MFB Manga Chapter Five :: Page 1 - 2

MFB Manga Chapter Five :: Page 3 - 4
MFB Manga Chapter Five :: Page 5 - 6
MFB Manga Chapter Five :: Page 7 - 8
MFB Manga Chapter Five :: Page 9 - 10
MFB Manga Chapter Five :: Page 11 - 12
MFB Manga Chapter Five :: Page 13 - 14
MFB Manga Chapter Five :: Page 15 - 16

To view the rest of the manga be sure to visit Beyblade Spirit and done forget to check the scan of Storm Pegasis 105RF. To visit Beyblade Spirit click here.


14th February 2009 || 78916 Unique Hits

Here is the next update. It has taken me a while to get round to this because of various bits and pieces that have cropped up throughout the week. We have an anime and game update for you today. I hope everybody is having a fun packed Valentines Day, I know I will be tonight! Just to let everybody know of my personal progress, I have an interview at a large Graphics Studio in Farnborough, Hampshire, England. they have offices in Germany, France and the USA, so lets hope I get a placement. Check the updates below and enjoy the rest of the day, peace all!

...::[Game Update]::...

So we finally have some new game content for everybody to fill their stomachs with. I bring to you two new images of Escorpio and Capricorne which are due for release this month, 28th February. As your probably aware from other updates, Escorpio is going to have a wide defence track, some new news has been uncovered thanks to Kai-V that this will be a "Defence Ball Sub Wheel". MFB is starting to take the same path the plastic gen took now. More info and images will be updated as and when they become available. I will be buying these so you can expect their pages to be available to view as soon as I get them through the post. I have provided the TRU Japan picture below:

It also appears that a lot of the new blades will be painted rather than having masses of stickers for you to put on which is great as the stickers just fall of. Click the images above to enlarge them.

...::[Anime Update]::...

The first anime update for this week is the new character profile for everybody. I would like to introduce everybody to the character King. This is a character that is hard to forget. Be sure to check his profile out but clicking this link: King's character profile.

In addition to this regular anime update I would like to announce that the Metal Fight Beyblade Japanese Anime release date has been revealed. The official date is April 5th 2009 at 8:30 am. It will be broadcast on TV Tokyo!


16th February 2009 || 79126 Unique Hits

Only a small update for everybody today. Having just got back from my one hour trip to my next possible work placement I figured I would finish up this update. As you may already be aware there is quite some activity in the Beygame area. With the release of Escorpio and Capricorne closing in, Takara-Tomy are already releasing info on the next batch of products. Further information on this can be found below. I have also included a minor media update for everybody, so be sure to read about that below also. That is it for now, so peace out.

...::[Game Update]::...

Because I cannot translate japanese I am relying on news from other sites such as our affiliate Beyblade Spirit. Kai-V can translate which is excellent, so credit for this bit goes to her. But the news that is most interesting is in regard to the Hybrid Wheel system that will be released in March this year for the MFB. From what Kai-V translated, it appears that the "Hybrid Blades" will consist of 5 layers. Yes 5 layers which will be the following: Face, Upper Wheel (plastic), Lower Wheel (metal), Track and Bottom. As soon as everything is legit I will add a new section to the the game category regarding the new Hybrid series as it is known for now. The use of the Beylauncher and the spin direction of this new series is currently unknown and more will be revealed nearer to the the release. The following sets will be using the new Hybrid system:

  • BB-28 Storm Pegasis 105RF
  • BB-29 Dark Wolf DF145FS
  • BB-30 Rock Leone 145WB
  • BB-31 Random Booster Right Vol. 1 Mad Cancer CH120FS
  • BB-32 Hybrid Wheel Match Set
  • BB-35 Flame Sagittario C145S
  • BB-37 Random Booster Right Vol. 2 Wind Aquario 120CB
  • BB-40 Dark Bull H145SD

The content of BB-32 Hybrid Wheel Match Set have also been revealed. The set will contain the following:

  • Storm Pegasis 105RF
  • Dark Wolf DF145FS
  • Beylauncher x2 (green, red)
  • Beystadium

...::[Media Update]::...

This media update consist if a whole new OST for everybody to download. I will be updating with the batch download at the end of this week hopefully, assuming noting else pops up. But I would like to recommend that everybody downloads the Bakuten Shoot Beyblade OST 2. All the tracks on this OST are different to though's on the first. Make sure you visit the OST page by clicking here: Bakuten Shoot Beyblade OST 2. As said, for those that have issues downloading all the tracks in one day then don't worry, the batch download will be available by the end of the week.

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