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10th December 2008 || 73738 Unique Hits

Another update, this will be on of maybe three updates this week. From what your about to see see it is only a small update but on my part it is pretty big. It has taken me two days to complete this update. New photos were needed for the update and edits to the Beyblade A-Z were made. New blades were added amongst all the edits. More info is available below on this update. WBO are going Turkish? Yep folk, Brad at WBO along with members of the website BeybladeWeb, a Turkish Beyblade Fan Site/Forum, are making the WBO in Turkish. This is the first leap for the project in terms of multi-lingual support. More info is below:

...::[World Beyblade Organization Update]::...

As mentioned above, the WBO are translating the forum to Turkish for its Turkish visitors. This is the first big leap to make this organization truly world wide. I believe that Japanese is the next port of call. Once they have these translations and more bladers start joining from other countries, new translations will be added. For further information on this subject click the link below or click the update image in the latest, most popular updates! section.

Link to WBO discussion thread regarding Turkish language support

...::[Game Update]::...

Here is another update to the game section for everybody. As part of the on going process of renewing all the photographs on the website, I chose to take on the massive task of the Beyblade A-Z for both the plastics and HMS. I have added my entire collection to the work and will now be speaking to Gekiryu to take photos of her collection that have not already been added. After this I will photographing my friends and adding those as well. The information on the Beyblade A-Z's has been put to one side as I believe that getting the photos up is more important. People want to be able to see what the blades look like first. Links for these two sections can be found below:

As well as the new photos, I have taken away the Beyblade Part Stats as they are complete nonsense. I have therefore replaced the stats with the weight of the attack ring. I will be editing the weight disks to follow suite. However, the stats will be kept and the weight disk weight will be added as additional information.

I would like to thank Hind for their/his/her awesome list of part weights which has been a great help. Click here to visit this amazing website. A link will also be added to the credits page. All that remains now is saying I hope you like the new photos.


13th December 2008 || 74072 Unique Hits

This is the final update for this week. There is a small update to the media section that was made to cut back on the amount of pages we have on the server. This was needed to make my layout updates a lot faster. A Toys update has been made, it isn't a full blown update, but it is instead just providing some vital information regarding theINtoy and the MFB Beyblades. It isn't too bad but is worth your attention nonetheless. The long awaited character profile is now up for every bodies viewing pleasure. Finally, I have been working hard on a new image that will interest everybody. Your input is vital to its success. More info on this provided below. Keep it real and I hope you enjoy the update!

...::[Site Update]::...

I have been working on an image over the past few days that is of interest to everybody. Your input and thoughts are appreciated and needed to make it a success. I won't say anything regarding its use, but it will be very important in BeyUK's history and promotion of the MFB Beyblades. There is a thread on the forum dedicated to the image; so please sign up, it only takes a few seconds. Then please leave your comments in the thread regarding the image. Feel free to leave posts in the other threads if your interested as well. Click here to view the Image Thread on our Forum.

...::[TheINtoy Update]::...

This is just a small column regarding theINtoy. TheINtoy will be receiving some the RBV2 in stock over the December period. However, due to an out sell in Japan on these, they have had to look else where for them. This comes at a huge risk and price for us in the UK though. They will be a bit more expensive do to this complication, but no excessively expensive. I'm sure that everybody will still buy from them regardless. They apologize for this mix up but there is nothing they can do. They remain 100% dedicated towards Beyblade and have been since 2002. There motto still remains active to this date and pretty solid, we like beyblades, and as long as we can find supplies we will stock them. This remains true to this date, so don't feel put off because of a slight increase in price. If you want more in depth information regarding this then I have permission to give out information from theINtoy.

...::[Anime Update]::...

I have finally got the results of the most recent poll. To no surprise, Emily won. Everybody seems to want the female characters up first before the male characters. I can see why though, there are far less of the females than males. Anyway, Emily's profile can be found by clicking this link: Emily's Character Profile.

...::[Media Update]::...

This is only a small edit to the media section. In order to cut down on the number of pages we have at BeyUK I have decided to remove all of Breedo's Fan Fic pages and replace them with a single PDF document. These are read with Adobe Acrobat Reader, if you don't have it then you can get a free version by clicking here.

Each PDF has a single chapter. The system is the same as before but you now need to download or open the PDF document from the website. I'm sorry if this causes any issues, but it needed to be done.


15th December 2008 || 74271 Unique Hits

The first update for the third week in December. We have quite a bit in this update. The main focus is the game section, however the anime update is just as important. We have a new affiliate which is the first thing. For those of you that use the forum, which I advise everybody to do, you will have noticed I opened two new topics for L Drago and the Random Booster Volume 2 - Legendary Pisces Set. This contains new photos that were released on Toys R Us Japan earlier this morning. They are now available here to view. By joining the forum you will 9/10 now about this sort of stuff before it appears up here. Finally, Unknown God has complete something in the anime section. All details and information on everything is contained below. Unknown God has provided me with a new Christmas Special Update for next week. This will add a new section to the Media category of the site. I will let you speculate on what this could be as me and Unknown God will now be saying anything. Enjoy the update and a new one should be coming near the end of the week for sure. Keep checking back and join the forum. Have a good day from BeyUK!

...::[Site Update]::...

First of all is the new affiliate. I apologize to the owner for taking a long time as I completely forgot last week. So here they are:

This is a web site in Hungarian, German and English. It is nice to be apart of a multi-lingual web site. We will begin drawing in some new visitors from other countries. So great. This web site is a Kai Fan Site (Shrine). So be sure to visit this web site if you are a hardcore Kai fan!

...::[Game Update]::...

The game, erm...oh yeah. I have added a few missing details to the A-Z. I have just found out the track and bottom for the Legendary Pisces from Kai-V at Beyblade Spirit. I have also corrected the L Dragon name. It was initially called El Drago, however, this may have been a mistranslation. It is now called L Drago because the blade is left spin, so hence the L stands for Left. I will be adding some new entries regarding the Metal Fight Beyblade in the new year as this will be when I make my next purchase.

...::[Toys Update]::...

This is the main attraction for this week. New images have been released for L Drago 105F and the Random Booster Volume 2: Legendary Pisces set. I have provided thumbnails for the image below, you can click them to enlarge the images into a new window. These two products will be released on the 27th December 2008 in Japan and at the online stores that imported them. You can guarantee stock from Ideal808 and theINtoy.

L Drago 105F Images

Random Booster Volume 2: Legendary Pisces Set

This Random Booster 2 Set includes one of the following set of blade:

  • Lengendary Pisces D125BS
  • Orange Bull DF145(?)
  • Red Libra D125(?)
  • Black & Red Libra 145S
  • Green Aquario DF145SF
  • Red Aquario 105B
  • Blue Virgo 100B
  • Purple Virgo 125BS

...::[Anime Update]::...

The Unknown God has managed to complete the entire Beyblade V-Force Episode Guide section. This is a great achievement for a single person. So this is another area completed in the anime section. He promises to complete the G-Revolution guides by the time Metal Fight Beyblade is released in April in Japan. To view the remainder of the V-Force episode guides then please do visit the section by clicking this link.

I will be bringing along the new character profile in the next update for this week. So keep voting in the poll.


16th December 2008 || 74336 Unique Hits

This is only a small update regarding the toys sections. The updates involved some new official pictures released at the Takara-Tomy web site. more info on this displayed below along with the pictures I have mentioned.

...::[Toys Update]::...

Below are the new images released by Takara-Tomy regarding the L Drago 105F and the Random Booster Volume 2: Legendary Pisces set. I hope you enjoy them, just click the thumbnails to get an enlarged image. The Pisces set has two thumbs with the same image on them. Both thumbnails lead to different images.

This image shows the blade in the RBV2 set...

This image shows the Pisces MFB...


19th December 2008 || 74591 Unique Hits

Well guys and girls. The final update for the week. We have part of the new Manga chapter for you to view thanks to Beyblade Spirit. We also have the new character profile. The character has been revealed below. Breedo, is currently working on a few updates for us. All of them will be of interest to you all. I am continuing to work on "the image" that can be found in the forum, the link is here. Be sure to read all the pages to see development and let me know with your thoughts. Signing Up is required for this thread I'm afraid. Other than this, Christmas is nearly here so I hope you got all your wish list for santa ready...Anyway, keep checking back as we are always updating with new content, large and small. Enjoy the day!

...::[Anime Update]::...

The new character profile is for Gary of the White Tigers. I finally glad this guy was chosen. He has been so close in the past but never managed to get the vote. Never mind eh, here he is just click the link here: Gary's Profile.

...::[Manga Update]::...

We finally have part of the MFB Manga Chapter 3 thanks to Miingo, I think, at Beyblade Spirit. I would like to thank Kai-V for allowing us to use these scans. As always, a link to Beyblade Spirit has been given in the site name to the left. If you wish to view the rest of the manga chapter then you will need to go to Beyblade Spirit. The pages we have are below. I have also cropped the cover page as an individual image.

MFB Manga Chapter Three :: Cover Page
MFB Manga Chapter Three :: Page 1 - 2

MFB Manga Chapter Three :: Page 3 - 4
MFB Manga Chapter Three :: Page 5 - 6
MFB Manga Chapter Three :: Page 7 - 8
MFB Manga Chapter Three :: Page 9 - 10
MFB Manga Chapter Three :: Page 11 - 12
MFB Manga Chapter Three :: Page 13 - 14
MFB Manga Chapter Three :: Page 15 - 16
MFB Manga Chapter Three :: Page 17 - 18
MFB Manga Chapter Three :: Page 19 - 20


01st January 2009 || 75647 Unique Hits

Here is the new update for the new year. I apologize for the lack of updates over the past few weeks. I have been busy with the family over the Christmas period. I can assure you that BeyUK will return to normal as of today. So expect a few updates as of next week. All the updates this time round focus on the media side of the site. Next week I will be updating a few sections of the game category. I have purchased my L Drago and RBV2, have bought three of the RBV2 for the time being. So expect to see one or two new blades added to the dictionary.

As you may be aware, BeyUK is currently being worked on. This is a very special surprise for everybody. You can expect this surprise to be finished towards the end of January. Further details on this project are not going to be given out. The staff don't even know what is going on. So enjoy the updates from here on in, this year is going to be jam packed with lots of new and exciting information with the release of the Japanese MFB TV series due in April!

...::[Media Update]::...

The first media update is bought to you by Breedo. He has been busy ripping Beyblade 2000 episodes in High Quality, so feel free to download these. We currently have the first 7 episodes for you. They are all in English so enjoy! To view our Beyblade 2000 videos just click here.

The second update is a notification to everybody. Our Beyblade Music has gone through a few changes recently. I have added new sections to the media category. I have removed some tracks from the Beyblade Music page and arranged them in alphabetical order and they are now categorized by language. This makes it easier for everybody to find what they are looking for. I will begin offering out bulk download files for all the music in the original Beyblade Music section. This was decided after a couple of requests from some visitors. So please bear with me.

Thirdly, I have added some new music for everybody. This is the first update of three to come over the next few months. I have recently acquired some new music from a friend of mine. So the first addition is the Bakuten Shoot Beyblade OST One. All of the tracks from the OST are available for download. I will be offering a bulk download of all the tracks soon.

Finally, I have a belated christmas gift to everybody that visits BeyUK. This isn't from myself, but from Unknown God. He has been working hard on a new project, this new project is one of three things that are currently being worked on by BeyUK. Anyway, this gift from Unknown God is a video and written review for the Beyblade G-Revolution video game on the Gameboy Advance! This is very well done and the video footage is high quality which is excellent. This is a great addition to BeyUK and opens our doors to another audience. To read/view this review then just click here. A link to the video review is provided.


03rd January 2009 || 75910 Unique Hits

Three new updates to the site on this fine Saturday evening. I know I said that no more updates were going to be made before next week, but hell...I lied. This update was needed as I don't like getting swamped with updates from staff because this is how I lost interest before. It is better to get everything out of the way sooner rather than later. Amongst these updates, I have added Katrix christmas present to everybody from BeyUK. Breedo christmas present was also in the previous update, his was the first set of HQ Beyblade 2000 episodes. Well, more details are below so enjoy! The anime character update will be in the next update that will be made on either Tuesday or Wednesday, assuming nothing crops up regarding Beyblade prior to that.

...::[Game Update]::...

I have added the weight to the weight disks in our Game section. This was mentioned a little while ago when I completely edited the Beyblade Dictionary. More images should be added at a later date thanks to Gekiryu. I kept the stats for these weight disks as they don't change as often as the other parts.

...::[Media Update]::...

We have two media updates today. The first is from Breedo. He has offered up the next nine episodes of Beyblade 2000 in High Quality. So be sure to watch these if your feeling the urge to take a look at the original series prior to the Japanese release of MFB. These episodes can be found by clicking here. All available episodes don't have a line through them.

The second media update is bought to us by Katrix. This is her belated christmas gift, blame me for it being late as I didn't update when I said I would. Anyway, this is a great new music video and was a pleasure to watch. To view this great music video by Katrix just click here or click the Arctic Edge image at the top of the page.


06th January 2009 || 76156 Unique Hits

This is only a small update today. I have included some new news about Escorpio WD145B. This news comes in terms of pictures of the track. I have also added the anime character everybody chose as the poll was going to get restarted today. So I will leave you guys and girls to browse the updates below. Have a good day and peace out!

...::[Game Update]::...

This first update is some new images of the WD145 track that belongs to Escorpio. These images are scans from the piece of paper I got from my L Drago today. So I hope you like them. I personally don't like this track as it is too high. It also looks to be very fragile. Anyway, I'll let you decide. Click the thumbnails below for two different scans.

...::[Anime Update]::...

In this update of the character profiles, Eddy was chosen by the voters. So I have created Eddy's profile for everybody and it can be read by clicking this link: Eddy's Character Profile.


08th January 2009 || 76295 Unique Hits

This is only a small update to the game section for everybody. One of the additions could have only been made today as yesterday there was really poor lighting outside so pictures couldn't be taken. But anyway, I hope you like this update and I have also got several more Random Booster Volume 2 sets pre-ordered for the 23rd January. Hopefully, fingers crossed, I will get a Pisces or two that I can add to the sites dictionary. Anyway, read the info below for further details and have a good day.

...::[Game Update]::...

The first update is, I have added L Drago 105F to the MFB Dictionary. I have uploaded the usual three photographs of the blade along with the part stats and the wheel weight. Any text will be added at a later date. Sorry if the images appear a little darker than the previous images, the lighting today was a bit poor but better than yesterday's attempt. To view L Drago's entry just click here.

Finally, the small but useful update the the MFB dictionary entries has been added. I have added weights for all the MFB wheels. Adding this piece of information was vital as the stats for each part of practically useless. So I hope everybody finds some use for this.


09th January 2009 || 76369 Unique Hits

Now what did I say? I told you everything would return back to normal for BeyUK didn't I. Well here is the third update of the week. Only a single update again this time round. A new issue of the MFB Manga has been released in Coro Coro, so you can guess what the update is. Anyway, read the info below for more details and continue to visit BeyUK for your dose of Beyblade information.

...::[Manga Update]::...

As mentioned above, we have a new MFB chapter for you all. As per usual, this issue was provided by Beyblade Spirit's Kai-V. She has remained helpful for my information regarding the manga, hence why we are now seeing manga updates here at BeyUK. Beyblade Spirit is probably the closest affiliate we have in regards to Beyblade MFB info. The info I receive from her is greatly appreciated. We have the first several pages as always, but if you want to view the rest of the chapter then you need to visit Beyblade Spirit.

MFB Manga Chapter Four :: Cover Page
MFB Manga Chapter Four :: Page 1 - 2

MFB Manga Chapter Four :: Page 3 - 4
MFB Manga Chapter Four :: Page 5 - 6
MFB Manga Chapter Four :: Page 7 - 8
MFB Manga Chapter Four :: Page 9 - 10
MFB Manga Chapter Four :: Page 11 - 12
MFB Manga Chapter Four :: Page 13 - 14
MFB Manga Chapter Four :: Page 15 - 16
MFB Manga Chapter Four :: Page 17 - 18

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