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This page will continue to grow until the site no longer gets updated and remains on permanent hiatus. So feel free to click through our archive of site updates. This list starts at 23rd October 2008, the finishing point is eternal basically. Updates will only be archived as they disappear from the main page. This means that updates that are still present on the main page will not be added. I decided to add this list because of the new MFB release and this is a milestone in Beyblade pretty much. So enjoy, there will be a maximum of 10 updates per page. To look through the updates just click the page numbers situated at the bottom and top of the page. These pages are intensive in size, so be prepared to wait if you have a slow internet connection.

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23rd October 2008 || 69430 Unique Hits

Well, this is quite an update for today. I don't think the site has seen so many update in the last two months. Well anyway, I have bought along a new Manga update and an update to the previous manga update. I have uploaded the new character profile for you to view, it was Mariam this time round. We also have quite a list of German Beyblade music up for download now. They are worth downloading as some of them actually sound better than than the English versions. But have fun regardless, keep visiting the web site as we are always updating. Peace out and enjoy your day!

...::[Manga Update]::...

I have introduced the four main characters in the Metal Fight Beyblade manga/anime, the links can still be found below (we now have High Quality scans).

Manga Scan 01 - Ginga (Pegasis Owner)
Manga Scan 02 - Benkei (Bull Owner)
Manga Scan 03 - Kenta (Sagittario Owner)
Manga Scan 04 - Kyouya (Leone Owner)

Along with these we now have the first several pages of Volume One of the manga thanks to Kai-V at Beyblade Spirit. Half the scans have got Beyblade Spirit types on them due to my request to do so. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading them if you know Japanese and looking at them if not.

MFB Manga Chapter One :: Page 1 - 2
MFB Manga Chapter One :: Page 3 - 4
MFB Manga Chapter One :: Page 5 - 6
MFB Manga Chapter One :: Page 7 - 8
MFB Manga Chapter One :: Page 9 - 10
MFB Manga Chapter One :: Page 11 - 12
MFB Manga Chapter One :: Page 13 - 14
MFB Manga Chapter One :: Page 15 - 16
MFB Manga Chapter One :: Page 17 - 18

To view the rest of the manga be sure to check it out over at Beyblade Spirit. They have the most up to date information on the MFB Manga. You can be sure that as soon as they find out we will know as well. We look forward to having the first 18 pages of the next manga thanks to BB Spirit.

...::[Anime Update]::...

I have bought you the character profile of Mariam from the Saint Shields! I quite enjoyed writing this one because she is another one of the few female Beybladers. I hope you like reading it. Mariam's profile can be found by clicking here.

...::[Media Update]::...

I have recently got in contact with a German Beyblade fan. She has posted videos with the German Beyblade soundtracks up on Youtube. Having realized she has a massive collection, I immediately got in contact with her and asked if she would donate the music collection BeyUK to use. She agreed and sent me quite a collection. We now have the following songs in German (click to visit the music page):

  • All Across The Nation
  • Always Be In The Game
  • I'm Not Going Down
  • Let It Rip
  • Lets Beyblade (Karaoke, TV Edit and Full version)
  • Lets Go Beybladers
  • Never Gonna Take Me Down
  • Rise Above the Storm
  • Swing Low
  • Switch Blade
  • Underdog

I would like to thank her again as the search continues for Beyblade soundtracks. Be sure to check her Youtube Channel out by clicking here. Her Youtube name is PumaDJess. All new songs can be marked with the **NEW** tag next to it.

You may already be aware of, BeyUK has opened its doors to the first BeyUK AMV Contest. All the details can be found below along with a link to the relevant page and YouTube channel. Subscribe and be the first to know when a new contest is arriving or has arrived!

The Youtube page can be found by clicking here: BeyUK AMV Contest Youtube page. You can view the following sections under the Media tab above:

This should give you an overview of what to expect. Also, if you could please show your fellow friends on Youtube this link and Youtube page it would be greatly appreciated. Don't forget to keep and eye on the Youtube page and the here on BeyUK as the first contests will begin soon.


28th October 2008 || 69868 Unique Hits

Not much of an update this week. I couldn't think what to update with so I figured I would sort out the game sections. Getting the skeleton of the MFB reviews was important as I had some pictures stored on my camera that were taken a while ago. I will update this section in bulk rather than single blades, it just means that I can do it all in one go and have a larger update. The new Beyblades appear to be exploding in mass now. There is quite a line up for December, so be sure to purchase from theINtoy if your in the UK. All of the products that are available at theINtoy (pre-ordered or not) will be updated here in the toys section. Hope you enjoy the update and have a good day.

...::[Game Update]::...

I have updated the MFB Beyblade A-Z section in the game category. I have added the following new blades to the list (some data may change at a later date and more information becomes available for them.

  • Aquario
  • Capricorne 100HF
  • Eldrago 105F
  • Escoprio WD145B
  • Gemios DF145FS
  • Pisces
  • Virgo

I have also added data for the following blades in the same section:

You can expect to see more data added as information is acquired and as I buy new products from theINtoy. So stay tuned!


06th November 2008 || 70756 Unique Hits

This is only a small graphical up to the site. I apologize for the lack of updates this week to the site. I have been extremely busy as I have a meeting tomorrow at a big Graphics Studio called Ego-Creative, check the site out here. They are pretty intense eh? Well anyway, as said on the tag board I will be updating the photographs in the Game category as the old pictures were blurry and hazy. I have updated 90% of the images now, I just need to work on the old Beyblade A-Z photos. Well below there is a little bit more information about this. Remember to keep checking back for the next update as I have quite a few emails to sort out in my updates folder. For now though, keep it real and enjoy the rest of the day.

...::[Game Update]::...

I have made some large edits to this section in terms of photography. Seeing as I ordered a new card reader, one that didn't mess up all the time (touch wood). Well I have updated the photos in the following areas:


Weight Disks:

Beyblade Types:

As you may also be aware from the list above, I have added the Upper Attack type to the Game category. Check it out here, Upper Attack.


10th November 2008 || 71162 Unique Hits

So here is the new update for the site. I have added three new things to this site in this update. All of which can be found below, but I'm looking to increase the site further. So in the next update you will find a media update which will be a new music video and two new lyrics. I will then look to add a new section to the Game category regarding Metal Fight Beyblade Stadiums. Here you will find their product code, stadium name, price in USD, GBP and Yen. Amongst all of this there will also be a set of photos for you enjoy. I hope all enjoy this update and keep checking back for more. The Forum has been quite active lately so be sure to check it out!

...::[Site Update]::...

I have added a new section to the site category. This new section is the BeyUK News & Update archive. I posted up asking if everybody wanted it but it got ignored. So I decided to add it regardless. I think this will be a sweet addition to the website and its content. This allows visitors to look back at the websites past. To view the archive just click here. Please read the text at the top of the page so as you know what the page is all about and how it will work.

...::[Game Update]::...

In the Game category this time round I have added Libra DF145BS photos, stats and part names. The next two additions you will see will be Aquarrio and Virgo, the parts for these blades are still unknown, but everything will be revealed shortly. The Re-Shuffle Sets will be released on the 22nd November 2008, so in just under two weeks time. To view Libra DF145BS's entry just click either the name or here.

...::[Anime Update]::...

I have finally updated the new character profile. This character profile is for Spencer with a unanimous vote of 29 (64%). To view his profile just click here.


14th November 2008 || 71491 Unique Hits

Well guys and gals, another update here at BeyUK. This one is a little more interested as new pictures have been released of the Re-Shuffle sets on the Takara-Tomy MFB website. We have an anime update and a media update which accompanies the info on the toys. On top of this I have also added a list of the MFB Stadiums to the game section. At the moment it is only a set of images but I'm currently in the process of thinking what else can be put on there. I will lias with BeyWiki and get they're though on it. However, more info on the updates are provided below. As soon as I get time next week, probably Saturday as I start my new voluntary work at a Graphics Studio, I will update some sections of the Site category and Help category as they haven't been looked at in a while. Enjoy and keep it real!

...::[Game Update]::...

In the Game category this time I have added a new section called MFB Stadiums. This is a list of the most current MFB Stadiums released and will also contain details on any future stadium releases. This set of pages will only contain images, the product name and number until I can figure out what else to put on there. So all of this can be seen by clicking this link. Enjoy the pretty photos!

...::[Toys Update]::...

The toys update is quite a big one this time round. We have some new photos of the Re-Shuffle sets, coming 22/11/2008 (next week). As well as these I have a list of all the current availble dates of MFB spinning top releases. So to start things off, below is a list of all the coming soon MFB blades:

  • BB-23 :: Starter Eldrago 105F (First left spin MFB) :: Release 27/12/2008
  • BB-24 :: BB-24 Booster Escorpio WD145B :: Release 27/12/2008
  • BB-25 :: Random Booster Vol.2 Legend Pisces :: Release 27/12/2008
  • BB-26 :: Booster Gemios DF145FS :: Release 22/01/2009
  • BB-27 :: Booster Capricorne 100HF :: Release 19/02/2009

As mentioned above, I have also got some new images from the Official Takara-Tomy MFB Website, click here to view it. All the images were used from the official website (thumbnails and full scale ones). To view the full scale images just just click the relevant thumbnail below:

Click to enlarge! Click to enlarge

...::[Anime Update]::...

A new character has been added to the profile section. This time around it is Rick from the PPB All-Starz. This was a massive majority vote by everybody. I apologize if you didn't get to vote on this, but here you go anyway. To view the profile just click his name, Rick.

In addition to this profile update, there is also some bad news regarding the Metal Fight Beyblade Anime. The Metal Fight Beyblade has been cancelled posponed. The anime is now due to aire in April 2009. The reason the anime was "posponed " was because incorrect information was given on the release of Metal Fight Beyblade by Takara-Tomy.

...::[Media Update]::...

The Unknown God has provided us with a new music video. This one is called "The Pretender" and is another of his Bleach AMVs. This was another entry into a music video contest. He placed fifth in place amongst forty other entrants. This is well ahcieved and we all wish you good luck what ever contests you may enter.

Also on the topic of media, our first music video contest has now closed. We are currently discussing the results and will I will release them here as soon as we have come to a decision. You can also view our YouTube channel to keep up to date with it all. We will hopefully be having our first quarter AMV contest in January 2009. So we will see you all there.


18th November 2008 || 71907 Unique Hits

I would first like to say thanks to all the people that have visited BeyUK over the last few years. We have finally reach 300,000 page views which is wonderful news. I never imagined BeyUK would be so popular. I can only hope for the better things to come with the release of Metal Fight Beyblade. On another note I would like to say thank you to the staff for helping me out with the AMV Contest. Without them I would have been clueless. The largest thanks goes to Unknown God for making all the videos and giving me the idea, so he takes full credit. As you guys know the contest is over and below is a little summary of what has happened.

...::[Media Update]::...

Well guys and girls, the first BeyUK AMV Contest is over and the results are in. This was an extremely hard decision with many possible winners. I'm glad at how popular this contest was as I enjoyed watching all your music videos and so did the staff. Finally, we all came to a decision which was insanely hard to do. Below are the final results in order:

1st Place was: LoganSabby

2nd Place was: BlackCatMew

3rd Place was: XxKnightwarriorxX

All the videos can be viewed by clicking this link or going to Media --> BeyUK AMV contest Winners (2008 period). There video are available as embedded videos or you can click the link provided to go to Youtube and view the High Quality versions, it is all down to personal preference really. Anyway, we hope to hold another contest in January 2009 or February 2009, so keep your eyes peeled here or subscribe to our AMV Contest channel to get the latest news as soon as it becomes available.


29th November 2008 || 72763 Unique Hits

Well, we have a big list of updates this time around. Sorry for the lack of updates until now, I have been busy for the past two weeks. But you will be glad to know that I'm now off but still busy lol. Hopefully you should see a few more regular updates from us. A new manga update is available, yes we finally have the MFB Chapter 2 from Kai-V (part of it anyway). Unknown God has been busy with the V-Force Episode Guide, so well done. A new character has been added to the sites character profiles as well. That seem about it, check below for further details. Anyway, I wish you a great day and enjoy the updates. Oh yeah, two new affiliates have been added, again check below for details. Peace out!

...::[Site Update]::...

To start things off, we have two new affiliates added to the site. The first is Beyblade Forever, they were a new site with no updates but i have been promised that updates will become more regular with the MFB now released, I hope that this promise is going to be kept. Take a look at their site and the layout is pretty sweet as well.

Secondly, drum roll, Kai-V of Beyblade Spirit has finally decided to affiliate with me. I have been holding myself back from asking for affiliation and waiting for her to contact me. The being because I didn't want to seem too pushy, and she would affiliate when she thought we were good and ready.

Thanks to the recent mass of updates to the Game section and Anime section, we achieved this milestone. Everybody should know Beyblade Spirit so not much needs to be said. They have tones of Beyblade information regarding anime and manga and other various bits and pieces ranging from the game to media. The buttons are provided below:

...::[Game Update]::...

This project is currently still being worked on. I hope to get it up by the middle of next week. The idea I'm thinking of will not be revealed until I'm happy with the concept. I believe that the two section I'm adding will be of great use to the Beyblade Community. So please bear with me

...::[Manga Update]::...

In this manga update we have the latest chapter of MFB from CoroCoro, provided the wonderful Kai-V. As with the previous chapter, we do not host the entire chapter, only the first 10 pages. All the other pages can be found at Beyblade Spirit. Please bear in mind that these chapters are in Japanese, BBForums should be releasing the translated version soon hopefully, I will post links here as soon as it becomes available. Anyway, the chapter links are below:

MFB Manga Chapter Two :: Page 1 - 2
MFB Manga Chapter Two :: Page 3 - 4
MFB Manga Chapter Two :: Page 5 - 6
MFB Manga Chapter Two :: Page 7 - 8
MFB Manga Chapter Two :: Page 9 - 10
MFB Manga Chapter Two :: Page 11 - 12
MFB Manga Chapter Two :: Page 13 - 14
MFB Manga Chapter Two :: Page 15 - 16
MFB Manga Chapter Two :: Page 17 - 18
MFB Manga Chapter Two :: Page 19 - 20

...::[Anime Update]::...

Unknown God has bee busy with the Beyblade V-Force Anime Episode Guides. He has completed up to episode 45, so there aren't too many episodes to go. He will then progress onto G-Revolution. After this, there will be no more updates on the anime until MFB is released in Japan (if we are lucky enough to see some subbed episodes) or released in America/UK/rest of the world. The character profiles will continue to be added. The MFB characters will be added at a later date, more information will be available then. To view the episode guides you can click here.

We have a new character bio for Lee of the White Tigers. To view his profile click here: Lee's Character Profile. The new character profiles are also being listed with *NEW* next to them on the anime category.


01st December 2008 || 72892 Unique Hits

The first update for the new month. This is quite and interesting update as well. I haven't seen anywhere with these particular entries for a Game section, if there are others before me then I apologize. But nonetheless, this is still quite interesting. I have also added some info below regarding the toys. Well, not really info but images of the re-shuffle sets that have recently been released. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the update and I maybe be making another this week, some minor tweaks to the sites Site category hopefully. Anyway, a bit late but meh, pinch punch first day of the month and no returns, haha.

...::[Game Update]::...

Well people, I have been focusing on the Game section the most of the recent months because I feel that it is important to have as much info on the MFB as possible. So hence why I have added another two dictionaries which are:

The images were saved and used from the Takara-Tomy MFB website, click here to visit it. Basically, as the names state, these entries will be updated as new blades get released with new tracks and bottoms. I have compiled a list of all the current tracks and bottoms. On the track page you will find the track name, track height, letter meaning and the blades they come with, not including the first five starter booster sets. As for the bottom page, you will find the bottom name, letter meaning and blades they come with, not including the first five starter booster sets.

...::[Toys Update]::...

for those that use the forum you would have already seen these pictures but I feel it is appropriate for me to post them here as well. Below are two new pictures of the Re-Shuffle (Re-Model) sets that got released on the 22nd November. These pictures are the artwork for the packaging, so I hope you like them. These pictures were not taken by myself, I have used them from theINtoy.

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge


02nd December 2008 || 72969 Unique Hits

Another update in the space of a single day. Shows I have too much time on my hands sometimes. Anyway, this is only a small update regarding the MFB A-Z. I have also edited a little bit of the Site section, info can be found below. The site section was in need of an update as it hasn't been touched in nearly a year. Anyway, I hope everybody liked the Christmas banner I added to the site yesterday evening. It wasn't planned and I figured I should do something this year as I didn't last year because of the layout change at Christmas. I hope everybody has a good day, afternoon or evening (if you live in the UK like myself). Remember to keep checking back regularly seeing as I'm now putting my full focus on the site in order to keep up with the Metal Fight Beyblade. Peace Out!

...::[Game Update]::...

I have added sections for BB-21 Aquario and BB-22 Virgo. No info has been added as of yet, only part stats and photos have been added. However, it is still a nice edition for those that haven't yet seen the two new Beyblades. The next update on this section will be in the new year as I need all my money for this Christmas break, presents and all that, ya know. Anyway, feel free to click the links below that will take you directly to the specified articles:

...::[Site Update]::...

I have added content and amended the following sections:

  • Contact Us has been updated to include new staff members.
  • Join the Team has been amended.
  • Site history has a new chapter added to it for every bodies reading pleasure. Hear my views on the current situation of BeyUK.
  • I have edited the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. I have also added some new questions, some are jokes so don't take them seriously.

04th December 2008 || 73104 Unique Hits

Well people, three updates in one week. We are going hardcore at BeyUK. This update was going to occur at some point anyway so here it is. A quick run down of the things below. As you are probably aware, BeyWiki has now been converted to World Beyblade Organization (WBO for short). Further info on this subject will be given below. I have also included the new Character Profile to the anime category. Only a small, sort of, update but at least we have something new for the community. You can rely on me and the BeyUK staff to update the site regularly with new content. We are one of the few Beyblade sites that are this active which is a good thing.

...::[World Beyblade Organization Update]::...

The long awaited World Beyblade Organization (WBO for short) has been released to the public. This is the biggest leap that a non-profit group of people have achieved. Whilst Takara-Tomy serve the far east, the guys at WBO (Bey Brad and the others) will serve the world, hence World Beyblade Organization. Below is the official press release for WBO:

"Since October of 2007, Beywiki has been uniting Beybladers all over the world. Founded by Bey Brad as an answer to the lack of concrete support in the Beyblade community, Beyblade quickly rocketed away from its humble origins to attain its status as the most popular Beyblade website in the world.

If one thing has been learned from the Beywiki project, it is that Beyblade has proven to be remarkably resolute all over the world. In many parts of the world where Beyblade has not been sold in many years, there are still many Bladers yearning for battle.

With Metal Fight Beyblade having launched in Japan, Beyblade has been given a second chance. However, Takara-Tomy has no plans to begin development abroad until 2010. While the WBBA -- the World Beyblade Association -- sanctions Beyblade play in Japan, there is no truly international governing body for Beyblade competition.

That is why, effective immediately, Beywiki is being relaunched as the World Beyblade Organization (WBO). The goal of the WBO is simple -- to be a sanctioning body for Beyblade, and an organization dedicated to the promotion of Beyblade, all over the world.

The WBO functions on the Elo ranking system, employed by Chess, Go, and many competitive games and hobbies all over the world. When Bladers battle in real life, the results are reported by the loser on the WBO website. The rankings are then adjusted accordingly. The goal is to provide a comprehensive ranking system for Beyblade. By winning many battles, Bladers will climb to the top and earn the title of the best Blader in the world.

The Beywiki project is not being abandoned. The Beywiki will continue as a side-project of the WBO. However, the focus of the website has shifted from the Beywiki itself to the community that has been formed.

The WBO is reaching out to Bladers in every part of the world, Bladers who speak every language. We have begun employing translators to reach out to Bladers who cannot speak English, so you can look forward to more international content as the WBO grows.

So, head to and register today, and begin climbing the ranks of the WBO!"

They have plenty to offer as you have probably read from the info above. As well as their World Battle System, they also offer a forum which is very active and I use it myself. there is plenty of information available. You can pretty much call it the hub of Beyblade. Everybody gathers there to discuss it, so don't miss out, sign up today. A World Map is also available where users can register their location so as other bladers are aware of where their local competition is. The BeyWiki still exists but is now a side project rather than the center of attention.

I hope this is enough information for everybody. When anything exciting is happening over at WBO it will be published here as an update. So keep checking back guys and girls. I have added various links scattered through the site for this website/forum. The most obvious is the WBO button under the BeyUK Forum and Subsite buttons. There is also a link in the affiliates scroller, a link will be provided whenever possible in the "latest and most popular updates" section, an ad in the top right hand corner amongst theINtoy ones. Links have also been provided in the Site and Game sections of the website, as well as the Website Link Chain.

...::[Anime Update]::...

The new character profile is now available for everybody to view. The newest addition is Claude from Barthez Battalion. This is the first character from this team, so it is nice to see use broadening our horizons. His profile can be viewed by clicking this link: Claudes Profile.

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