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Do you want to affiliate with BeyUK? If you think your site will be able to make it onto the list then pop us an e-mail and I will get back to you within three days. If my answer is no then I will place your site on the website links page, of which people can access your site from there. All buttons should be 88x31. I'm also using php so if you do make the cut then your button will be up within one day. Our site buttons can be found by going to the link to us page.

Affiliation rules:

  1. Your site should be Beyblade, anime or graphic design related. We do not affiliate with forums here, however our forum does affiliate with forums.
  2. NO MSN Group sites, these are forbidden and are crap to put it bluntly.
  3. The Webmaster/Webmistress should be friendly.
  4. Regular updates (Every few weeks) should be made to the site, if the site is found inactive for 6 months then you will be instantly removed.
  5. NO porn, hentai or explicit sexual content (unless you have good taste...but seriously NO PORN!)
  6. You should be able to provide an 88x31 site button. If you ask nicely I may make you one if you are unable to provide one.
  7. You should have at least 15 pages of juicy content. This excludes fake customizations, illegal blades and other such gibberish.
  8. Your site should have at least 30 hits a day.
  9. There should be no stolen content on the site as we here at BeyUK strongly reject all stolen content.
  10. You will contact us at BeyUK of any major changes you make to the site, such as change of host and URL. If we find that you haven't done this then your button will loose its place as an the affiliate. If you remove our button from your website without reason then you will be permanently removed and we will no longer accept affiliation with you.
  11. If I say no then I mean NOOOO! Do not complain or winge! Doing so will only reduce your chances of becoming an affiliate later. If I reject your offer then I will provide you with constructive critcism.

When you have read these 11 simple rules then visit the about us page and drop me (BeyUK-Espio) an email. I will then contact you within 2 days with my answer.